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Pure exfoliated graphite with two tanged stainless steel sheet reinforcements for improved blow-out resistance and improved handling.

The excellent chemical and thermal capabilities of graphite allow it to be used extensively throughout the petrochemical and chemical industries for process duties and steam applications. The use of two metallic inserts increases mechanical strength and stability. The material also features densified graphite to improve sealability.

General Properties

  • Excellent resistance to steam
  • Resistant to virtually all media
  • Outstanding resistance to high and low temperature
    Maximum temp. 460°C (in oxidising atmospheres)
                      3000°C (in non-oxidising atmospheres)
  • High compressibility
  • Good leakage properties
  • Unlimited storage life
  • Anti-stick finish on both sides

Tests and Certifications

  • DIN DVGW NG-5124AT0417
  • WRc Approval
  • KTW Approval
  • Fire safe according to API 6FB


  • Sheeting (m): 1.0 x 1.0*, 1.5 x 1.5
  • Thickness (mm): 1.0, 1.5, 2.0, 3.0
  • Inserts: 316*, 304, Hastelloy B2

* – Denotes standard
Also available in 99.85% pure nuclear grade


Application Guidelines

  1. Usually satisfactory without reference.
  2. Usually satisfactory, but suggest you refer to Klinger for advice
  3. Caution: May be suitable but essential that you refer to Klinger for advice.

Chemical compatibility must be considered in all cases.

Typical Specifications

Compressibility ASTM F 36 A   19-23%
Recovery ASTM F 36 A   30-33%
Stress relaxation DIN 52913 50MPa, 16h/300°C >48MPa
Stress relaxation BS 1832 40MPa, 16h/300°C >38MPa
Klinger cold/hot compression (50 MPa) Thickness decrease 23°C
Thickness decrease at 300°C
Gas leakage according to DIN 3535/6   0.8ml/min
Chlorides (soluble)   <40 ppm
Fluoride and Chloride Content   <200 ppm
Density of graphite   1.3g/cm3
Purity   >98%
Typical values for 1.5mm thick material